You Have Your Own Way of Life

Titik Kosong - Every human being must have actually realized that they have their own way of life. Every individuals way is certainly different from others to a lesser or greater degree. However unfortunately most of them are not aware, that the way of life they are currently taking is based on others, not on their own volition.

Living in an environment surrounded by others makes us highlighted by their views. We know that interfering with other people's lives sometimes becomes "unconscious work" that is often done by most people. Not infrequently, they also give negative views towards us.

I'm not saying that everything others say is negative, but indeed most of them will be more happy to highlight negative things. Just a little mistake, lack, or maybe your inability to do something, will be a “nice” material to discuss.

What is the impact of all that for you? The worst thing that often arises is that you may respond in a manner they have already predicted. You may never become what you really want, but become what they want you to be.

There is a reality in life that we have to know, that walking on the same path as others often goes easier than walking on the path we choose ourselves. In fact, reaching the dreams we really want is more difficult than just being common in our environment.

Until whenever, you will not be able to satisfy the demands of others. All you have to do is do your best to relieve yourself. Realize your own will. You need to walk on the path of your own life.

Your way of life is the path you choose and determine by yourself. Not the path that is determined by someone else for you. It's not the way that you choose because you want to fulfill what they want from you.

Wouldn't it be better if you silenced that negative view by the way you choose? Why do you have to be the same if you can be great because you are different?

Get to know yourself, get to know your potential, then find your own way of life. The way of life that you really want. Make sure you have your own vision in this life. Not someone else's vision that you have to do. Not the vision of most people you must follow. Again, you must have your own vision.